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Welcome to All India Momin Ansar Welfare Society (AIMAWS), we request to the world community to join hand with AIMAWS and extend all kind of possible help/support to the down trodden society of Ansar, Weavers etc., of our counrty, your help can become life for them. We must fight against poverty, and improve education, health, social impact amongst the society for world peace, and social unity and integrety of the Globe. -Mohd. Seraj Ansari -President-AIMAWS.



All India Monin Ansar Welfare Society - AIMAWS
The Society has arranged ceremonies marriages of many girls belonging to destitute families.
Provided free medical aid to old destitute people.  
The society is to construct a hospital for deprived and disadvantageous people. Society time to time in hamlets / villages provides free medical aid.  
The society taken interest and assists in rehabilitation of handicaps and provided free medical aid suffering from lazar and other contagious deceased and provides financial assistance for their survival.
Society is considering to construct an education institution this year to provide free education to poor students as well as pauper children as at present, the society has already started.
The society has received hundreds of letters from necessitous students regarding, received circumstances of their family, which prevents them from receiving education. The society grants them financial assistance.
Society also helps to poor uneducated people to benefit themselves, from govt. policies sanction provided for them.
For this we have come forward with a herculean task i.e. to publish english biography of the holy prophet ‘Mohammed’ composed by (Allama) Sami Ahmad Khan.
Above mentioned biography is approved by world renowned muslim organization Muslim World League, Mmeccah Al-Mukarramah Saudi Arabia.
The AIMAWS’s states and districts representatives is continuously organizing states and districts Symposium and other programs for promoting a "Culture of Peace in the Regions".
The All India Momin Ansar Wefare Society is a national body for weavers, momin ansar society that belongs to weavers, and down trodden society the Indian.
The weavers, down trodden society and momin ansar community is struggling hard to get food even in two time in a day, they are not living normal life of the other citizens, The AIMAWS is running development programs, educating through seminar, conferences, workshop and symposium, and time to time medical aids etc. The Monin Ansar and Weavers are so backward, the Govt. of India has declared OBC category, The society is pushing their economical position the country through its latest programs.
Progresses: Indian Weavers, Monin Ansar  and Down Trodden Society has got some place in the society, they have improved their life style and their kids has taken admission in the education institution, just because of the society’s efforts.
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1. All India Weavers & Industries & Trades Association. (AIWITA)
2. Indian Textiles & Handicrafts Export Promotion Organization (ITHEPO)    
AIWITA- is basically formed with the intention to make bridge between Govt. of India and Weavers, the AIWITA is fighting irregularities against weavers and its society, communicating all govt. schemes and helping govt. to make suitable laws for the weavers and momin ansar. down trodden society.
ITHEPO-is formed to develop weavers social & mental and economicals mindset, giving them latest technologies, training and negotiating with govt. and international society, promoting their products, so that they can get proper value of its handmade textiles and handicrafts  items made by hands, the aimaws has in views that if they will get full of its value of its labour, which they are specialized in handmade textiles and handicrafts goods, then they can be a part of progressing society and will help to the world society.
All India Momin Ansar Welfare Society-AIMAWS has got international recognition from all Gulf Governments and Social International Organizations, by cooperating views and sharing all international developments in the society and social unity and peace and integrity.  
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In the country (India) there are so many organizations and leaders are actively working for weavers, monin ansar, and down trodden society in many different ways, but they are very backward with old passion, and non-educated persons are running their organizations, and they are nothing about the International development, and not aware about the world’s progress and development in many segments which are concerned with the society.
They must be educated and work together with common causes of the weaver’s society, monin ansar and down trodden of this country. In only India, these societies are more than 100 millions of population. And they are suffering with leadership and international help and ways to improve themselves.
We heartily suggest to the Hon’ble Secretary General-UN and the General Assembly to Adopt AIMAWS as main source of helping these community in the country, and extend all possible support help in all manner to the society and society would like to assure that these community will get ready for new millennium with help of UN.
United Nations
AIMAWS-CONTRIBUTION FOR WORLD REPORT ON THE CULTURE PEACE ...........................Adopted by the United Nations on 25th Febuary-2006
The AIMAWS is one of one Indian organizations amongst 22 invited Indian organizations towards contribution from India for "world for report on the culture peace" which resolution A/59/143 has been adopted by the United Nation's General Assembly on 25th Febuary 2005. (click for UN-Resolutions letters 1 & 2 ) and (click for reports 1 & 2 )
Civil Society report at midpoint of the "Culture of Peace Decade"
In accordance to the invitation in operative paragraph 10 of general assembly resolution A/59/143.
Progress and obstacles in India
PROGRESS: Work is progressing on the root causes of violence in this region. It is said that "Fundamentalism and religious fanaticism have largely been the main obstacles in the path of progress toward enhancing and achieving adherence to culture of peace. In addition, under-development, unemployment, ignorance, injustice, poverty are liable to lead to violence." This is linked to education: "To achieve Peace Culture, living values, understanding, tolerance and even democracy should be taught from childhood." In response to these perceived needs, offcial report on progress in their work for local employment and health initiatives and for education. Work is also progressing for participatory democracy throughout the country, given that in the past, as described for one state, "Our political system was never people-led and based on people's wishes and aspirations. It has always been rulerled."
At the same time, society is trying to overcome overt violence (inter-religious, inter-ethnic and international) with varying degrees of success. In some regions, the situation is described as urgent, such as in Gujarat, Kashmir, and some states of India (Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra. In others, relative peace is described, as in some states of India (Tamilnadu, Karnataka. But here, too, it is said that "the knowledge that past violence has broken out as a flash point, not even a slow build, as is often the case in communal violence, leaves an anxious vulnerability due to the uncertainty of what could spark it again in the future."
Many are emphasizing girls' education and employment since women are especially victimized by ignorance and poverty. It is said that for women, "poverty is not only the consequence of a lack of resources, but also due to certain discrimination … The realization of women's rights is a global struggle based on universal human rights and the rule of law." In general, lack of adequate education is seen as a major problem, especially in rural areas and among refugees.
OBSTACLES: Society operate on small budgets and largely volunteer staffs, so funding and trained personnel are seen as major obstacles to progress.
There are complaints about "lack of coordination among NGOs, donor agencies and government departments." One organization expresses this as: "Leadership of the Decade is not determined enough. More efforts need to be made by UNESCO … [there are] difficulties in partnership building. We have not learnt to work together. We need to develop a sense of common project, building up on everyone's strengths and not fearing competition."
As elsewhere in the world, the mass media is often seen as an obstacle to progress: "bad news seems to be big news and good news seems to be no news.
Foundation Culture de Paz
To see the report submitted by the AIMAWS, please click at . To know more about world report on the culture peace, please click at ; and to download book, please click at .
with major  NGOs/IGOs, All India Weavers & Industries & Trades Association. (AIWITA) Indian Textiles & Handicrafts Export Promotion Organization (ITHEPO), academic institutions in the field
Due to Lack of Fund, the society is not able to run and get important projects in all over the country.
Welcome to Indian Textiles & Handicrafts Exports Promotion Organization (ITHEPO), The Ithepo is fully dedicated to the weavers, manufacturers, and suppliers of the handmade and machines made textiles and fabrics, as well as handicrafts items produced by the Monin Ansar as well as other society of our country, the Ithepo has been introduced and managed counrtywide as well as worldwide by the All India Momin Ansar Welfare Society (AIMAWS) is registered and recongnised by the country and world reputed orgnaizations since two decades.
Chairman-AIMAWS's views on Ansar Society & World Peace
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AIMAWS-Chairman Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI

Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI


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